1 289 980 3390 Text Message SCAM!

It’s unfortunate that these scammers exist, it’s also easy to act like people don’t get affected by these spammers and scammers. The truth is based on all the reviews I’ve read from sites all over the world, there really are people that fall for these scams. Spam emails are sent because all it takes is that 1 person to make a scammer a lot of money. I’m writing this in hopes that this you don’t get scammed. If you received a text message from this phone number 1 (289) 980 3390 that said something like this:

Apply for a shopper’s Analyst Part time Job. You can make $400 to $800 weekly.To join, send your name and postal code to mysurvey2016[@]yandex.com

Yes it’s a scam, yes it’s a hoax, yes it’s a fraud. Don’t join, don’t sign up, don’t respond. At least based on my reviews that’s my advice to you.

Currently this scammer is using this phone number 12899803390 but truth be told this scam is used all over the world with a bunch of different phone numbers. If you want to get paid to do surveys The survey club and Clixsense do an excellent job. You’re not going to make a lot of money but you can get some income into your paypal account.

if you’re wondering how this 1 289 980 3390 works. well the first what they’re trying to do is get your email address so they can sell your email address and also send you spam email messages. In most of the spam email messages they’ll send you, they’ll offer you multiple fraudulent ways to make money online or even offline. Their number one scam is the secret shopper scam. Where they get your address, send you a fake check, get you to cash the fake check at your bank, go shopping and then wire them money via western union. In a few days your bank will contact you because the fake check bounced.

That’s the common scam with the 1 (289) 980 3390 scam. Also they will sell your physical address which also comprises your personal information. When you hear of these home invasions and other things that don’t make any sense a lot of the times they’re linked back to these text messaging or telemarketing scams. If there’s no man home it usually makes these criminals more bold. That’s why I write these posts because although these text messaging scams seem harmless, the truth is they’re often affiliated with criminal enterprises.

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