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1 306 881 8182 Interac Spam

If you received a spammy text message from phone number 1-306-881-8182 and you’re wondering if it’s a scam. The answer is yes It’s 100% a hoax, it’s a fraud, it’s not legit. It’s fake and if I were you I wouldn’t even click the link in that fraudulent text message. The fraudulent text message states the following, I removed the link for safety precautions (http//)

Please use link to verify and accept your funds of 112.50 CAD.

What throws people off about this scam is that they think this scam, fraudulent domain name is somehow affiliated with Interac. It’s not affiliated with Interac and no, there isn’t someone trying to send you money. Don’t fall for the scam, it’s a fraud trying to steal your person information, IP information etc. and 1 306 881 8182 are scams that if I were you I’d stay far away from.