1 (437) 993-8874 Text Message Scam

If you received a message from this phone number 1 437 993-8874 and wondering if it’s a scam? The answer is yes 1 (437) 993-8874 or [email protected] is a scam. They’re trying to catch people just in time for black friday. How this scam works in it’s various schemes is they’re trying to get a hold of your personal information so they can sell it. That’s why they send you an email address. The purpose of them sending you the email address is to get you to send them your personal information.

As an example if you make first contact to send [email protected] an email, it’s an indication that you’re interested in the offer which they’ll use to get you to give up more information or even give them some money. It shows desperation on your part. Once you give them your personal information they usually sell it to other entities. It’s scams like [email protected] / 1 (437) 993-8874 that help scammers get personal information which allows them to steal OR OBTAIN financial information from people. Below is the spam text message that was sent to me and possibly you too.

Would you like to place a small advert on your car and make $400 weekly?For more details send an email to: [email protected]

Again 1437-993-8874 / [email protected] is a scam, don’t sign up, don’t join, don’t email them, don’t participate in anything they’re offering. If you’re wondering how they got your phone number in the first place well it could have come from a bunch of different automated sources, but if you give them any personal information chances are you’ll get more spam text messages.

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