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1 (647) 230 4911 Text Message Scam

There’s another scammer to report on this time the scammer is using the 1 647 230 4911 phone number. This text message chain letter is nothing more than a fraudulent hoax. If you see 1-647-230-4911, 16472304911 or any other variation of this chain text message be warned that it’s a scam and if you give these 1-647-230-4911 text messaging scammers your personal information there’s a good chance that down the line you will find your personal information compromised. Scammers like the one at 1-647-230-4911 usually run these scams around tax time because the know people will have money and they also know that people are looking for work and a quick way to get paid easily. Their text messaging scam reads like the following:

We are offering part time jobs…for 18Yrs and above who will like to become a mystery shopper and earn extra income. Reply to [email protected] for Details

Now for those of you that are curious to know how this 1 (647) 230 4911 secret shopper scam works is, these scammers after getting your full address will mail you a check, they may even use UPS or another mail service to mail you this scam. In this scam letter there will be a fraudulent check, the letter will tell you to cash the check and to go shopping at walmart or some other corporate retailer.

The instructions will also tell you to mail some of the remaining money via western union to a name or a fraudulent company. In a few days or a week the fraudulent check they mailed you will bounce and the bank will contact you and tell you to repay the funds. By the time this happens the scammers will be long gone and you’ll be stuck owing the bank money. It’s important to know that these scammers at times are bold enough to call you and make their scam seem legitimate. Be warned that these secret shoppers businesses are 00% fraudulent. I’m trying to warn many of you because I know that many of you maybe in a bad financial situation and be desperate for some money. Trust me you don’t want to go through this, because it could mess up your credit, mess up your relationship with the bank and also leave you in the hole.

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