1-709-772-3858 CRA Scam

did you get a call from 1-709-772-3858 I recommend when they call you that you tell them that you’ll call them back. Ask them for their phone number and their extension. Because these government people in Canada are leaving the doors open for scammers. Is 1-709-772-3858 a cra scam? I genuinely don’t know. If the CRA want’s something send it in the mail. What’s interesting is when you call the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501 you get a pre-recorded voice message that basically tells you they’re busy. Canada do you really want to grow this government? It’s seriously inefficient, slow and expensive and what we get in return is more of our tax dollars going into making it larger.

I don’t know if this 1-709-772-3858 phone number is a scam. All I know is the best way to find out is to call back CRA. Ask them to give a number where you can call them back. Or ask them to send you a letter in the mail. Vist the CRA website and find out what legitimate phone number you can call. I find this stuff very annoying.

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