You have 1 lost message on Facebook… Scam

Did you get an email titled?

You have 1 lost message on Facebook…‏

This is definitely new for me and what’s worse is these spammers sent this email to the email that I do use for my Facebook account. Makes you wonder… To make a long story short do not open the message don’t click any of the links in that email, don’t reply to the message and even if their link leads you to your Facebook account don’t sign in using their link. This is how these spammers steal your personal information. If you haven’t done so yet you might want to read about the online banking crisis in the U.K where hackers were stealing people’s ID’s and then taking money from their bank accounts it’s scams like this where they get people to give up their private information unknowingly.

Don’t think it can’t happen to you on some level because it can. Be careful and I highly recommend deleting that fake Facebook email.