1-866-667-3341 SCAM!

I want to make it clear that if you’re receiving a phone call from 1-866-667-3341/ 18666673341 it’s a total SCAM. What makes this a scam in the worse way is the fact that these thieves are also on the internet leaving comments in forums and other places claiming that this number is for people not paying their bills. This is a lie, anyone calling you from this number is trying to obtain your personal information.

Do not give out your personal information

Do not give it to them under any circumstance do not call this number because what will happen if you do is that the people behind this scam will have access to your private information and they will then sell your private information as leads and/or even use your private information to commit some sort of fraud. A collection agency does not work like this, a collection agency will call and leave a message or if a collection agency is calling you, first you will get an automated message telling you to hold on for a moment which then would be followed up with an operator speaking with you.

Automated messages to steal your personal information and commit fraud

This automated message is used to get you to call the number back so that the owners of this scam can confirm that you exist and also to obtain your private information. You’ve been warned I write posts like this to warn people about these scams. Also if a collection agency calls you their information is usually found in Google notice how this 18666673341 phone number does not have a business search listing in Google. Example if you type 1-888-764-3771 into Google “Rogers Cable” shows up in the search. This does not happen when you type 1-866-667-3341 and the reason is because it’s a scam. Be warned and be alert because I suspect these types of scams will grow and become more sophisticated over time.

Please leave your comments or your experiences with this SCAM!