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The 1-(888)543-6072 Scam

Today I received a voice recording from some company promising to help me make money from Google. Lucky for me I already know how to do this. However I feel sorry for the people who don’t and that are why I am writing this post. At the time I’m writing this my country is on the verge of defaulting on our debts. That’s not a good look for the United States I guess the tea party got its way after all. If that’s not enough for me to think about I got these scam artists calling my cell phone telling me I can make $900 from Google.

How to make money from Google

When i received the call from the 1-8885436072 phone number they made it seem as if they were representatives of Google but being that I have a lot of experience online I know that Google does not call and harass people for money. Another thing I know is that Google doesn’t have an affiliate program so why then would this telemarketing company be calling people it’s because they want people’s money and most likely want to get people’s credit card so that they can up sell it to death.

Final Thoughts on 1(888)5436072 Fraud

I recommend staying far, far away from these people I wish I knew how to add them to my do not call list I have reported them and I recommend you do the same hopefully together we can put an end to this scam. These telemarketers are being dishonest and I wrote this post in hopes that no one will get scammed from this company.

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