19023152832 Text Message Spam!

There’s another text messaging scammer on the loose this time the spammer is using the 1 902 315 2832 phone number. It’s interesting to note that these phishing text message scammers can use a variety of numbers and there are even instances where they cloak the phone numbers they’re using, meaning your phone is showing you a phone number but that is not the phone number that is actually sending you spam text message. The spam, scam email message that was sent to me and probably you too if you’re reading this stated the following:


We are recruiting Customer Service Rep, this position will not affect your job. Earn $500.00/week, to join send full names and email: info(@)blissgeneralinc.com

I hope you all know that this 19023152832 text message is nothing more than a spam, I don’t recommend responding this scammer as I’m sure they’re trying to get a hold of not only your phone number but also your personal information, plus if you reply it confirms that there is someone using your phone number. I don’t recommend emailing the 19023152832 scammer either as that will most likely lead to more spam and scams being sent your way.

I’m not sure how many of these spam emails are in circulation today, I get one every now and again and only reason I write these posts is because some people do fall for these things. Last year a big text message scam was secret shoppers, some people did fall for this, I even saw one instance on Judge Judy where a woman cashed a $3000+ check for a friend only to discover that secret shopper check was a fake, so she had to sue her friend to get the money back because the bank wouldn’t cover her losses.

So people don’t fall for these scams!