+19027600497 Text messaging Scammer 1-902-760-0497 SPAM

If you received a spam text message from +19027600497/1-902-760-0497 it’s a scam, don’t bother reviewing what’s in the message, these scammers are trying to confirm your phone number is active you’d be smarter to block or delete the message so scammer doesn’t message you again, whatever +19027600497 is promoting is a scam and if possible reported as such.

Do not give out your personal information

This 1-902-760-0497 text messaging scammer might be using your phone number to sell it as lead or sell use it steal your personal information, so it’s best not to respond out of anger, block it, and don’t waste your time with it. What this 1-902-760-0497 spammer sends you might be different than what it sends me, and if you don’t block this text messaging scammer don’t be surprised if they send you more spam messages you’ll want to consider a NordVPN or something similar to block scammers and protect your passwords.

Text messages to steal your personal information and commit fraud

This automated message is used to get you to call the number back so that the owners of this scam can confirm that you exist and also to obtain your private information. Do yourself a favor and don’t give it to them.


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