Is a Scam?

There are now serious talks in Hollywood to shut down sites like either that or block them from United States residents of course there is no real way to prevent sites like from popping up in other countries but I suspect some serious measures will be put in place in the near future to go at sites like this. If you’re going to use services like I recommend that you do not download the movies to your computer. Not only can you pick up trojan horse viruses  malware and other viruses but downloading movies from sites like this can actually get you implicated. Of course this seldom if ever happens but like I said be warned.

Sites like these are actually helping to keep American’s out of work, a lot of writing production and acting jobs to name a few are being lost because of online piracy. It’s only a matter of time before the hammer comes down so be careful. I’m honestly surprised the length of time has been up and running. Only time will tell anyway.