Fake News Website qualifies as a fake news website, it’s sole purpose is to recommend that you sign up for its online casinos. Buyer beware. Their fake news advertisement might say something like this

ANOTHER WINNER! Tim Horton’s Employee Quits During Shift. Refuses His Salary After Winning $892,329 Fake News Website Fake News Website

their fake news scam that in this instance use names like Jan Termaat, Nathalie Van Degeren,corporate names like Tim Horton’s, RBC Royal Bank. Scam Scam

They also use a fake facebook plugin, with fake facebook comments, from fake facebook people. The pictures are stolen, the comments are promotions and all the links in the Fake News Webpage all point to the casino it’s affiliated with, which in some instances is Grand Mondial. Bottom line here the fake news website known as shouldn’t be trusted. Fake News Website SCAM Fake News Website SCAM

I wouldn’t join them if I were you!