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416-200-2000 & 416-200-1000 Canadian Revenue Scam

There’s another Canada tax revenue scam circulating this time they’re using 416-200-2000 & 416-200-1000 and similar phone numbers 14162001000, 14162002000, 1-416-200-1000,1-416-100-1000 these are all the variations, there could be more phone numbers they’ll call from, bottom line is that it’s a scam, so don’t fall for it, don’t worry about it hang up your phone and report this to the authorities even if it’s an email, because the more complaints they authorities get the more likely this will make headlines which will help to get the word out of this scam.


Again if you received a call from 416-200-2000 and/or 416-200-1000 or some other variation, it’s a scam, it’s a hoax, don’t fall for it, it’s not Canada revenue.