(416) 203 9735 Telemarketing SCAM!

If you got a call from (416) 203 9735 or 1 (416) 203 9735 it’s 100% a scam, this number is used to make several types of scam calls especially in 2016. They might call you for travel cruises they might scare you for visa or debit transactions they might even contact you for a survey.

These spammers to the best of knowledge are based in a foreign country and what they’re trying to do in during tax time is trying to get money out of you. The phone spammers and scammers go into hyper drive for tax time or any other time of the year when they think people are about to get a windfall of cash.

Again (416) 203 9735 is a scam don’t fall for them, don’t give them your personal information, don’t give them any of your financial information report them immediately contact the authorities to make a record that this number has a history of scam calls.