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(416) 721 5568 Telemarketing Scam

If you received a Air Canada telemarketing call from 4167215568 and you’re wondering if it’s a scam? the answer is yes it is. It’s 100% a scam and if I were you I would not sign up, join or give them your name or any of your personal information. Depending on where you live this 1-416-721-5568 scam could be shown on your phone a variety of ways example: 1-416-721-5568, 416-721-5568, 14167215568 which ever way it was shown on your phone it’s a scam. With the explosion of Canadians going on vacations scammers are trying to get a piece of the pie. These 1-416-721-5568 air Canada scams all revolve around getting your personal and private data and selling it to third parties.
Chances are if you got a call from this 1-416-721-5568 scammer that they were able to obtain your information from another source that is giving away your personal details.

One of the main culprits of selling personal information are charities that you may have signed up for. It’s not so much that the charity you may have signed up for is a scam but possibly some of the people working there either as employees or at the top may be selling your personal information or being irresponsible about where they put it. Bottomline this 14167215568 scammer has no affiliation with air Canada it’s a scammer and should not be trusted. If you want to sign up go ahead but I highly recommend that you don’t. These scams are often upsells upon upsells upon upsells. How it works they try to sell you a trip for really cheap and then upsell you over and over and over again. It’s super annoying and worst of all your personal information becomes compromised.