(416) 721 – 8091 SCAM

There is currently as of May 14, 2014 a new TELEMARKETING SCAM where the perpetrators are acting as representatives of AIR CANADA. If you receive this call be aware that it’s a complete scam and they’re trying to steal your personal information. Currently this number is coming from 1 (416) 721 – 8091 which is a Toronto, Ontario phone number however this scam could have other numbers and take on other shapes and forms. DO NOT GIVE THIS SCAMMERS ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION.


Please join me and report this fraid IMMEDIATELY TO THE CANADIAN ANTI FRAUD CENTER! click the link below to do so online, by email, or by calling toll free click the link below to go to the site please do this immediately and share this link with your friends to prevent these scammers from continuing to steal from Canadians


You can also call by going 1-888-654-9426

I advise anyone reading this to do this immediately so they can shut this fraud down the more people reporting the faster this fraud can get shut down! If there are any other frauds that you know of going on please list them below so we can all shut them down together.