(416) 800- 9258 Telemarketing Scam

(416) 800- 9258 is just another one of those telemarketing scams that circulating around Toronto and other areas that is trying to sell  and promote a variety of things. They claim to be Campaign Research but honestly what they sound like is a company that’s trying to steal your personal information either to sell it to companies for a fee or they’re using it to steal your identity. In many instances what happens is these telemarketing scammers if you allow them too will sell your contact information to several areas which is usually how scammers are able to use and steal your identity and in some instances even legally become you.

(416) 800- 9258 is a scam and it’s probably smarter if you avoid giving them any of your personal information. If you have the ability too it’s a good idea to block them from calling you. This usually works to get telemarketers temporarily off your back! Again (416) 800- 9258 is a scam!