4166285255 Scam

Telemarketing is becoming increasingly worse each every passing day as companies all over the world are selling people’s private information as leads. This is one of the reasons why even today I still don’t like the idea of Facebook. In the form of government will live in today your private information is everything and the fact of the matter is people’s private information is being sold and passed around as if our privacy doesn’t matter.

How the 416-628-5255 scam works

At the moment I have no credit card problems or over debts yet these low life telemarketing companies have found a way to gain access to my phone number to try and sell me are trying to convince me that for $10,000 they can clear off my debts. This leads me to believe that these telemarketers are complete scam artists. These scammers are doing this mainly because we’re currently in financial crisis globally and these scammers believe that if they contact enough people they can grow their network and steal people’s identities while making a quick buck.

I currently do not have any overdue debts why are they calling me?

At the moment I do not have any debts owing on top of this because I have an online business I have many precautions in place to prevent any person from stealing my Identity I use services like Equifax Credit watch to protect me in the event anyone does steal my information. I made sure I got this after my trip to New Orleans when I had my I.D stolen and the person(s) tried to rack up my credit card bill thank goodness at the time I was only out $700 but it could have been worse.

I tell everyone every time I write one of these blog posts that I write these posts to do my part in helping people. Personally I recommend that you NEVER do business with a telemarketer who is cold calling or soliciting you for your business. There are times when we all feel desperate I know because I’ve been there but don’t allow this to influence you in making bad decisions.

Please leave your comments or an experience with (416) 628 5255 telemarketing scam below it helps others.