Any time you are involved in an accident or a personal injury case, getting legal assistance is highly recommended, especially if you have outstanding medical bills due to the incident. Before you begin looking for a New Orleans personal injury lawyer, preparing ahead of time can ultimately help to get you more compensation with the court’s ruling.

Insurance Information

When someone has caused injuries to you or damages to your property in an accident, especially a car accident, getting their insurance information is the first step to take in getting compensation later.

Should you be involved in an accident where the other driver does not stop, try to get as much information about the vehicle as possible. Write down the car make, model and color, and try to get a license plate number.

Evidence at the Scene

Gather evidence from surroundings where the personal injury incident occurred. Take photos of the surroundings, your injuries and any other pieces of evidence you deem worthy for your case. The more evidence you present to an attorney and a judge, the more likely you are to receive the compensation you deserve.

Ask for Witness Reports

Often when an accident occurs, people will see what happened and stop to help. Ask any witnesses for statements about what they saw, as this will lend your side of the story greater credibility when seeking compensation. When you set out to speak with your New Orleans personal injury lawyer, have in hand testimony from as many witnesses as possible.

Obtain the Police Report

If police were called to the scene of the accident, there will be a police report. Requesting a copy of that report is just as important as hiring a New Orleans personal injury lawyer to help with your case.

Requesting a police report is a way for you to solidify the evidence you have against another party that involves you. If there is not a police officer on the scene when you are injured, be sure to call to have the report officially documented for future reference in court.

Getting the Evidence in Order

Before meeting a New Orleans personal injury lawyer, there will be a lot of data to gather and organize. Put together a folder or binder that organizes any and all medical bills, records from hospital if you had to go, reports from the police, statements from eyewitnesses, and any photos or videos from the scene. This organization will help your attorney more quickly build your case.

Even more importantly, having this evidence collected and put together in an organized fashion will reduce the time and money spent on the legal process. Have as much evidence as possible requested and collected before meeting with your attorney to improve your chances of success and increase the amount of compensation you may receive.

Working together with a New Orleans personal injury lawyer is a way to improve your chances of winning compensation for any injuries and damage you have experienced due to the incident. The more closely you work with your attorney, the easier it is to build a stronger case in your defense, helping you to win the money you deserve to rebuild your life without financial strain or debt.

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