572 area code SCAM

Are you all of a sudden getting long distance calls from area code 572 well this seems to be the new trend in 2014 and at least with my experiences the scammer seems to be speaking spanish. There is currently no 572 area code in North America. There’s a 571, and 573 area code in North America but no 572 area code which obviously means that this is currently is a new scam trend that is emerging. “57” is a international country code in “Columbia” which is in North America which could explain why the telemarketing scammer that called me was speaking spanish however at the moment that’s the most I know about this new emerging trend.

Sometimes what happens is when a scam begins they test out numbers to see which ones are active and then they’ll sell those numbers to the next scam telemarketing agency. In many instances these people get phones numbers via referrals from collection agencies, or from phone companies that sell your phone number to third parties. A lot of phone companies in Canada and America do this. One of the biggest cable companies in Canada is known to this and Canadians reading this should have an idea of what company I’m talking about and even though they might not be the ones selling your contact information directly what might have happened is they sold your information to a third party which then sold your information again and so on and so forth.

Personally I wouldn’t answer any calls from the 572 area code!