(604) 255 -1493 telemarketing Scam?

If you received a phone call from (604) 255 -1493 and you’re curious to know if it’s a scam? You damn right it’s a scam this is a Arizona based number and most of the recipients of this telemarketing scam are Canadians. They might be calling you claiming to be a part of some RCMP charity that’s a scam or they might be calling you claiming they are or represent a “card service” whatever it is they’re scammers and if you can block them from calling you in the future.

These scammers recently started contacting Canadians trying to get credit card information. In 214 it’s best not to get involved with any company that’s resorted to telemarketing to promote their products or service as this shows that they’re either a scam or they’re really desperate. 6042551493 is just a long list of a number of (604) phone numbers that are trying to scam unsuspecting Canadians.

These scammers main targets are the elderly so when you read this if you have an older person or individual that you’re close too make sure you relay this message to them. Tell them never to give out their credit card or debit card information over the phone as majority are all scams and the ones that aren’t are usually deceitful in the way the conduct their business.

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