647 802 8362 Text Message SPAM!

There’s another text messaging spammer to report on this time the spammer is using the (647) 802-8362 phone number to promote it’s fraudulent scamming agenda. Based on my reviews this is a complete scam and shouldn’t be trusted. The 1 647 802 8362 is a Toronto area code phone number and the mystery shopper scam that it’s pedaling is also a complete scam and should not be trusted under any circumstances.

For those of you that don’t know how these mystery shopper scams operate. What they do is they trick you into giving them your personal information and then they send you a fraudulent check in the mail, which is then used to get you to go to your bank a cash out. They then tell you to send them a portion of the money cashed out and then they tell you to go to Wal Mart as an example to purchase some goods as a “Mystery Shopper” The hope of this mystery shopper scam is for them to get their money before the check that you cashed and the bank bounces.

I did the best I could trying to explain how that mystery shopper scam works. The actual spam text message that was sent to me from 6478028362 stated the following:



1 (647) 802-8362
Now hiring part-time Mystery Shopper. Earn $400 to 800 Weekly. To apply, send Name & Postal Code To mysteryshoppersurvey(@)yandex.com

Ladies and gentlemen reading this that is what a text messaging scam looks like. They purposely send these mystery shopper spam emails like this because it’s worked in the past, so even though many of you reading this can see that it’s a scam, there are people that never figure it out until it’s too late, which is why I took the time to write this.

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