(902) 708 – 8310 SCAM!

The phone number 1 902 708 8310 is telemarketing scam working it’s behind off trying to sign people up for some supposed free trip. Take it from someone who knows something about how these things work don’t sign up. It’s one big upsell marketing gimmick they way how they get their money is basically luring you into a trap and making you pay premium prices for everything. These scams are also known to take extra money from your debit or credit card so say they said to you they’ll only take $50 they’ll probably charge your credit card for $500 and if you don’t notice it in time to stop it they’ll claim that you authorised it and it will be almost impossible to get your money back.

These types of scams are known to have good phone closers  so my advice is DO NOT SIGN UP! STAY AWAY! Remember that these people found your phone number illegally so my advice is to stay far away from this scam! DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER!
If you’re going to sign up with them WHICH I DO NOT RECOMMEND. Send them money money order or if you have a prepaid credit card you can evne do that but don’t give them checks, don’t give them your debt number and do not give them your credit card number. The best thing to do is get their address so you can look up their company if they don’t have an address it shows that they’re a scam and the best way to find out their address is to say you don’t have a credit card because scammers will typically hang up the phone once they here that they can’t get your credit card number.

Please leave your comments or experiences with this telemarketing scam below it helps others.