1-905-674-5983 CRA SCAM

There’s another scammer to report on this time the telemarketing scammer is using the 1-905-674-5983 phone number, the phone number ofcourse can come in multiple variations 1-905-674-5983, 905-674-5983, 19056745983, 9056745983 etc. Based on my reviews of these scammers, the voice that called me sounded like the person was of south asian descent probably India because in India based on how they calculate their numbers this scam has been very lucrative for them.

If you owe the CRA money and you think this 1-905-674-5983 scam is legit, call the CRA and ask them to send you a letter. The CRA has to at the very least send you a letter detailing how much money you owe them. Ofcourse Taxes in reality are theft by government, because we as citizens don’t have the right to decide where our taxes go to, but as a people we’ve agreed to this legally. This 1-905-674-5983 hoax is a complete fraud, don’t believe their threats , they can’t do anything and if they say they’re going to call the cops or make any threats don’t worry about they’re scammers.

Lastly make sure you don’t give these 1-905-674-5983 scammers any of your personal or private information.

If you can, if these scammers call you again because you missed their call the first time, record what they’re saying the second time they call, put them on speaker phone, turn the volume way up, use something to record them and hit record. Open a Youtube account, and post it.

Being that these scammers are so desperate to get your information once they start talking put them on hold, just tell them something like “sorry, give me a second” put them on hold, find your recorder and hit record, then post it to youtube or send the message to a major news outlet so it can get the exposure these scammers are looking for.

Old people really do fall for this stuff and it’s important that we as Canadians take the initiative to expose these fraudsters.