Canada accepts thousands of new immigrants into the country every year. One reason why foreign nationals immigrate up north is for job prospects, while others just want a higher standard of living. Some immigrants want to move to the country to be with family members who already live there. Many of these people rely on Canadian immigration consultancy specialists to assist them with the whole process.

There are various categories under which a person can migrate into the country. If you are immigrating there for work, you will need to apply for a work visa. If you are immigrating there to be with your spouse, you will need to submit proof of your relationship. A person can also immigrate to the country if they are a refugee from another country. Because each application is handled differently, ensure that you are familiar with all the requirements before you apply.

When deciding whether to issue a visa to a foreign worker, the Government will assess the education and work experience of the individual to determine if their skills are needed in Canada. Some of the categories in which visas can be obtained are caregivers or students who have completed university in the country and want to work after graduation. Entrepreneurs can also receive visas if they are travelling to the country on business.

A Canadian who is married to a foreigner can apply for their spouse to come to the country and live with them. The foreign spouse will also be allowed to work in the country and receive state benefits. This process can often take many months for completion. The Canadian spouse will have to pay the respective application fees and the foreign spouse will have to undergo routine medical exams. There will also be background checks carried out to make sure the relationship is genuine and that neither party has a questionable past.

Many people feel very overwhelmed during the immigration process and seek the services of a consultant. A consultant answers immigration questions and assists their client in obtaining a visa. Their role is to act as a representative for any immigration matters that may arise.

Consultants are normally lawyers, notaries or paralegals who give people advice about immigrating to the country. They deal with all aspects of visa applications and speak on your behalf. However, those who chose to use the services of a representative do not receive preferential treatment by Citizenship & Immigration Canada.

You can choose to obtain a consultant who is paid or not paid. Certain representatives can accept fees for their services but some should not. Lawyers who have a good record with their provincial law society can charge you, as can notaries. You should always check the relevant regulatory bodies before hiring a consultant.

An unpaid representative, such as a family member or friend, normally will not charge you. Some charitable associations also assist with immigration applications at no cost. When choosing a Canadian immigration consultancy specialist, ensure that the person has the appropriate knowledge and experience to be able to help you, and that they are familiar with all the rules and regulations that apply to you.

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