A law reporter is the person that is involved in the transcription of the spoken or the recorded information into written form. A research on court reporter New Orleans shows that any person is able to attain this profession just by attaining the necessary training. These training however require specialization in any of the three areas. These include being a stenographer, a voice reporter, or an electronic reporter.

This job however requires highly trained personnel to avoid presenting the spoken data wrongly. These individuals should have the ability to accurately translate the spoken or recorded data to written form. The legal drafted documents are used in courts, in associations or by the intelligence service. Therefore any slight wrong presentation can cause great harm.

The courts and the planners cannot be left out in this. The shorthand reporters can as well assist them by providing them with the relevant information that they require through their writings. As they do this short hand work they need to make sure that the drafted document preserves the spoken or recorded speech. Any error that they make might result in information presented wrongly must be avoided or it might cause more harm than good.

The training to be a stenographer and a voice writer can get the knowledge from technical institutions or vocational collage. However one needs to take proper attention and ensure that they get into institutes that are recognized by the national government. In the present there are also institutes that are able to offer online education as well.

The other specialization of electronic reporter involves the use of electronic audio recorder. They get to record the spoken speech by the assistance of the recorder. Once they have the recorded form of the said information they can then easily get to transform it into written form by simply getting to listen to the recorded one. This is a more simple way to develop the written draft because they can get to replay and get the information more accurately.

The last group includes the voice writers. These specialists speak into a mask that is usually containing a recording device and a silencer for the voice that is produced. They therefore are able to produce the shorthand written draft without causing any disturbance to the proceedings. By the assistance of these masks they are able to produce real-time information.

Some individuals might not be that lucky to attain the job immediately after they finish their training. To be able to acquire the employment they can first get a voluntary certification. This will assist them in marketing their career experience.

In the private firms they are used by the lawyers. They act as resource person by assisting the lawyers gather the relevant information that can be able to be used as evidence in the courts of law. In addition these companies can be employed by associations or the court of law itself. A study on court reporter New Orleans is therefore very important for those interested to join in this area.

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