There are variety of assets owned by individuals or organizations. These assets can be estates, capital resources like machines and many other holdings like shares of a quoted company in the stock exchange. Your belongings are what counts as your wealth and they are the ones to give you financial stability and security. To keep your assets always generating and safe, there is need to know more on 11 methods of property control.

Asset owners can therefore hire managers who are specialized in the area to look after the assets. However the owner has to ensure that they give the job to someone who is specialized in the area and has experience so that they do not end up making losses on their assets. It is also important not to hire somebody who you do not trust as they may end up stealing from you and never know it.

There are several advantages of having a manager to do the controlling of the holding for you. This is for one, they are experienced hence they may be able to make the asset more valuable given the skills they have. They are also important as they help to look after the holdings while you are gone especially for those who own different items in different locations.

The manager has the mandate to do repairs and maintenance. They check the assets and identify the areas that are being unproductive or are damaged. For example one rental house may be having bad roofing or faded painting. They are supposed to do renovation on behalf of the owners and redo the roofing and paint again to keep the house useful again.

Where part of the estate is under tenancy, inventory will be taken twice; when the tenant is checking in and when moving out. This will be used to ensure that the tenant does not mishandle the house assets while they are using it. Usually the first inventory will be to give the initial state of the house. Photography is included to give evidence of the state of the house.

To keep the holdings protected, they can have an insurance policy so that in case of anything, the insurer is able to put them back to the initial state. Insurance is needed as a tool of property control since there are many uncertainties involved with assets.

The inventory report after inventory is taken will however be useful to obtain extra services. Insurance companies need the record of all your assets before giving you a policy and it is the one to be used when settling your claim. This is because if you are insured and it happens that you suffer a loss and never had inventory, it will be difficult for the insurer to determine the value and items to compensate.

The 11 means can be used by the manager in getting loans from financial institutions as they can use the report in knowing the value of the assets. It can also be used by the insurers as they can be able to access the value of lost items in case of risk and settlement of a claim.

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