Is a Scam?

For future reference typically websites that sell physical items and use Paypal as a means of payment usually aren’t scams as Paypal does one of the best jobs looking out for customers and consumers. Most of the horror stories you’ll hear about regarding Paypal come from merchants or store owners. That said when it comes to digital items Paypal doesn’t offer much consumer protection. from what I’ve seen and with my review does not seem to be a scam I do think is legit and at least as of March 2014 seem to be running an honest business. Whenever i purchase anything from an online store I’m not too sure about I’ll typically make my purchase especially if it’s a credit card purchase with Paypal. I vow never to purchase anything online entering my credit card number as I’ve personally had terrible experiences doing that. Now I’m not saying Paypal is 100% safe but what I am saying is I’ve been using Paypal for a very long time and I do trust them for the most part at least for now. is another online electronics store that specializes in the cellular phones typically I purchase items for my cell phone on eBay but if you feel like you can get a better deal at A4c then I say go for it. For the record I’m in no way shape or form endorsing nor am I an affiliate of theirs nor do I have any vested interest in their success. I wrote this post primarily for the consumer. Any questions or concerns you have regarding should be directed to them.

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