Is a scam?

I was approached via email from for one of my sites when I called the number no answer and to be honest based on my review they don’t appear to be legit however what I will say to anyone who is thinking of selling their site to the what you want to do is use a site called “” to do the transaction. being that I didn’t actually do a deal with them I’m not in a position to say definitively that they’re a scam however what I will say is if you’re thinking of using them use a service called “” to service the transaction.

There are times when spammers try to value what your site is worth because they see your Alexa ranking rising and also notice your sites getting more and more popular there legitimate offers at times however there are speculators that are just trying to glimpse into how much your website is really making per month based on their generic web design and also due to the fact at least at the moment they don’t seem to have a physical address I personally won’t be doing any business with them that said if you want to do business with them I recommend again using “” to service the transaction.