Welcome to advertising-blog.org where you can advertise your favorite websites absolutely free. The concept of this blog is very simple sign up and then post or write something about your website or a website you are promoting. It’s really that simple now of course before you sign up you should read the Posting Rules agreement which will tell you everything you need to about posting links on the advertising-blog.org.

What Sets the Advertising-Blog.org apart

What sets us apart is we will not bombard people who set foot on this website with advertisements. ┬áPlus the advertisements present will not make it hard for readers to view your article posts. Also for your convienece we montor ever post set is sent out using our blog. This is done to ensure your website gets good organic traffic. Search engines bean websites that send out spam and we don’t want that for our blog nor to we want it for your website(s).

How much words do my posts need to have to get listed on the Advertising-Blog.org

Your post can consist of as little as 100 words but we recommend having at least 250 word post if possible. The reason is your chances of being listed with the search engines are far greater if your blog posts have between 250 – 500 words. None the less we understand some of you just want to use the advertising-blog.org to notify the search engines or people in general about your products or services so the choice is yours.

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