Obtaining a copy of a police report in the state of Alabama is not as tough as it may seem. For any purpose or unforeseen reason, any member of the public can acquire access to Alabama police records and criminal history profiles upon filing the appropriate applications and request forms. If you have ever been involved in a traffic accident, then you know that acquiring the police report from that accident will be instrumental in future insurance claims and possible court proceedings.

The Alabama Department of Public Safety is a government entity that oversees a variety of law enforcement agencies and offices, including the Alabama Bureau of Investigation, the State Highway Patrol, and the Criminal Justice Information Center. The latter is the office responsible for keeping track of all criminal records in the state as well as the proper distribution of these documents to ordinary citizens, employment agencies, and organizations.

Criminal record searches in this office are conducted on a fingerprint based search only. For an individual to obtain his own records, he must first complete the appropriate request form and have his fingerprints taken at any local police station or law enforcement agency. A certified check or money order worth $25 will also be required as payment. The average amount of time needed to process each request normally takes around five to ten working days. Criminal records that can be accessed in this office include any dispositions, arrests, indictments, convictions, sentences, and releases that are connected to the requesters fingerprints.

Unrestricted access to inclusive third party criminal history accounts in the state of Alabama is allowed only to law enforcement, authorized government agencies, and other approved entities. Civilians, however, can submit a request for criminal background checks at the Criminal Justice Information Center. The office offers a broad range of information associated with misdemeanor accounts all the way to felony arrests and convictions. Besides accepting requests from citizens, the agency also plays an important role in providing vital criminal information to local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.

The Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center offers online request forms that any individual can complete from the comfort of their own home or office. This process provides requesters a wide range of criminal data and legal documentation from misdemeanor arrests to felony cases. The official website of the Alabama Department of Public Safety contains information pertaining to the proper procedures and requirements in applying for a criminal background check as well as links directing you to the various information services being offered by the state, including the official portal of the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center.

Private online record retrieval services are also reliable alternative sources of public police reports and criminal history profiles. If you prefer an online data provider that does not have strict policies or lengthy procedures that take up too much of your time, then a good online criminal record provider should be adequate enough for you. For a small one-time payment option, you can perform unlimited criminal background checks on various individuals, whether they are from Alabama or from another state in the country.

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