When looking for cheap bankruptcy College Park, GA, residents should gather as much information about these legal options as possible. This will enlighten them about exactly what it is they are getting themselves into. There are numerous types of bankruptcies for different types of debtors. Continue reading to find out which one is suitable for you.

There are basically three types of bankruptcies. These are chapters 7, 11 and 13. The requirements for each of these chapters differ greatly. For this reason, debtors should always consult with attorneys and other financial experts before they file any of these chapters.

Individuals who have unmanageable levels of debt may qualify for Chapter 13 if they have a reliable source of income. Once declared bankrupt these debtors will be required to make monthly payments for a certain number of years. Any debt that would not have been settled when this period ends will be written off. Chapter 13 is perfect for stopping foreclosure proceedings.

Chapter 11 is meant for businesses and corporate entities that have a steady income stream. This option has many similarities to Chapter 13, but they are different in that the latter is meant for individuals, not corporates. Normally, the income of the business is used to determine the monthly payments which must be made over a period of several years.

The Chapter 7 is considered the default option. If a debtor, whether individual or corporate, fails to honor the terms stipulated under chapters 11 or 13, liquidation will take place under this chapter. This option is only considered or allowed when all the others have failed. Non-exempt assets are normally auctioned off to recover funds to settle the credit account of the debtor.

A trustee is usually the one who oversees all bankruptcy cases. The work of the court is to direct, supervise and hold hearings. It is the trustee who decides whether or not a person qualifies for any of the options provided by the law. This individual is an expert in legal and business-related fields. He or she is an unbiased arbiter. Trustees work for the court, and not the debtor or the creditor.

Some people rush into bankruptcy without finding out what it entails. This is not recommended. Bankruptcy has some serious ramifications. In fact, it should only be sought if all the other options have failed to bear any fruit. For instance, debtors should first ask creditors to adjust the terms of their loans to make it easy for them to continue servicing it. If this fails, they can start the process of declaring their insolvency.

When looking for cheap bankruptcy College Park residents should not be in a hurry. This is because becoming bankrupt will lower their credit rating, thereby making it impossible for them to access affordable credit facilities in the future. Renting a house or leasing a vehicle may also be difficult after declaring bankruptcy. Other options should be explored first, and if all else fail, this option may be considered. A qualified attorney can help consumers to choose the right chapter, file the necessary paperwork and offer guidance throughout the process.

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