Hello beautiful people hows it going, Well i ran into today how interesting i said to myself. “i wonder if this one pays” i says lol. Anyway so joins. Now obviously is built for advertisers i will say that first reason being each Paid to click site is 60 seconds. Then Baaaaam $10 in my account balance Has a Forum

as everyone knows the best way for a paid to click site to prove itself is to have its own forum. at the moment has its own forum and there are stories of people getting paid.  People are told to show their account balances and they have done so. That being said i have to really review for myself.

How I feel about All Star Bux

Now from personal experiences i know this is a scam. There is absolutely no way can afford to pay people $10 for 60 seconds. The date i am writing this is September 08 2010 and currently has 11,646 Members now lets say each member only clicks one ad the total debt would owe it’s members is $116460.00 with that kind of money a person might ask how much are advertisiers will to pay to be seen on their website.

Well the most expensive advertisement i could see is $90 which gives an advertiser 1000 clicks. As an advertiser myself i find that to be a ridiculous price to pay for 1000 clicks, none the less lets do some math here at $10 per click as a AllStarbux member it would take only 10 clicks for that $90 to run out that would put AllstarBux out  $9910.

Final Thoughts on

I mean i dunno maybe the owner of AllStarBux is a billionaire or maybe pigs fly, & maybe I am dating Megan Fox(yummy). I don’t know but AllStarBux makes absolutely no sense financially and I suspect to see them start to default on paying their members if they haven’t already begun to do so.

On that note don’t let me stop you from joining them or continuing to participate in their program although what i am saying is fact to me it sound like rhetoric to you.  So if you want to sign up and be an active member don’t let my opinion stop you.

Although i am a member i wont be giving out my referral url until i get paid. Also think about it if i am making $10 for 60 seconds why would i bother referring anyone. 100 ads is $1000.

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