Death records are important documents like any other vital registers. Such type of record brings light to substantial information about the decedent. These include the personal details of the person who passed away such as his name, birthdate, spouse’s name, parents’ name, etc. These details can be very useful especially in the light of genealogy. Should you wish to obtain a copy of a death record in Arizona, you can do so by requesting Arizona death notices from the State’s Office of Vital Statistics.

Such office is the agency responsible for maintaining vital records in the State of Arizona. This runs under the supervision of the Arizona Department of Health Services. Notices of deaths that transpired from 2008 to present can be acquired from such office. However, those recorded prior to that year are only available at the Office of Vital Statistics in Phoenix.

Conversely, Arizona is not an open records state. Such notion conveys that not just anyone who wishes to obtain a copy of any vital record can do so unless he or she is authorized by law. Vital registers, including death certificates, are restricted to the decedent’s spouse or immediate family members, attorneys representing the decedent’s estate or the family members, those with licit interest in the decedent’s estate, and private detectives only.

For genealogical purposes, a death record may be provided. This is only when the person requesting the record can provide a proof of his relationship with the deceased. He must also bring with him a birth or marriage certificate to justify the claim. Each copy of a death record costs $20. Such fee varies from county to county and this is non-refundable regardless if a death record is found or not. Anyone who wishes to procure a copy of a death notice in the state can do so by mail or in person.

It is easy to rout out the needed information when you know which place you should pay a visit and what requirements you must secure. For death record requests via walk-in, you have to show a valid photo ID. This ID must be government issued and must show your notarized signature. This should come together with the processing fee of $20. If you wish to do the entreaty via mail, you have to submit a photocopy of your government issued ID with your notarized signature indicated and the payment for the request. The usual turnaround time takes days to weeks depending on the volume of orders received in the office.

Should you wish to get the death record you need in an expedited and easy way, you can actually pull a quick record review online. Placing an order over the Internet is much simpler and more convenient as requests made online are processed very quickly. Thus, you can expect to get the death record you desire in just a matter of minutes compared to the manual method where you still need to go to the office to process the request and wait for days to weeks for the results. Indeed, with such alternative solution, you can be sure that there will be no more deferrals and waiting for a long time. What’s more, you can also money since independent record providers proffer such service for only a minimal fee to not fee at all.

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