Arizona marriage records have been opened to the public in accordance to the Freedom of Information Act. The local residents are access to marriage certificates. This means that request for the said document can be done by the residents whenever they need it.

There are several reasons why the people of Arizona request for a copy of their marriage certificate. One is to conduct a genealogy research. The document has information that is important in updating the family tree. It can help track the whereabouts of family members. The marriage certificates are also required when dealing with government transactions. Transactions such as insurance and other financial matters would usually call for such documents especially if it requires proof of one’s identity and status. The document is also used to verify the marital status of an individual. This is usually done by people who wish to make sure that their partner is really single. Ironically, petitioning for divorce would require the marriage license. Without it, the petition may not be processed since the marriage may not have occurred in the first place.

There is a lot of information that can be obtained from a marriage certificate that is issued in Arizona. One would know the complete names of the bride and the groom as well as the details of their birth. The document focuses on the detail of the marriage such as the place and the date when the marriage took place. Important names of the couple’s parents as well as the people who were witness to the even it also documented on the file. Previous marriage details of either the bride or the groom can also be found on the document.

In Arizona, the Department of Health does not release a copy of a marriage certificate. One can only get it from the office of the county clerk where the marriage took place. The state office can only assist in checking the information you have and to give you instructions as to where and what to do in order to get a copy of the said document. The counties of Arizona do not follow a standard fee for the request so charges may not be the same for all.

One should know that only the husband and the wife are given access to the file. Their immediate families can also request it on their behalf. Other people would need to have an authorized request in order to access the files of other people. It is also important that one knows the basic information of the document that is being requested. The application form should contain the names of the bride and the groom as well as the date and the place where the marriage took place. By providing all of the necessary information, the search can be hastened.

Marriage license records can now be obtained even without going through the hassle of lining up and waiting for your turn. This is possible when the request is made online. The Internet has made the search convenient and easy since there is no need to verify information if the county is unknown. The document can be obtained in just seconds instead of days.

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