If you are searching for Police Records Arizona, you can find them at the state’s Department of Public Safety. It is the duty of the department to take care of the files and accept requests from the public. Unlawful individuals are everywhere and they are just waiting for their chance to perform their unlawful plans. It is fortunate that police files are accessible in Arizona because it increases the public’s awareness on who they should watch out for.

It is a requisite that a police file is constructed if an individual commits an act that is not in accordance with the law. No arrest or imprisonment is needed in order to make it. In it you will find the basic pieces of information of the case such as the name of the offender, what that person did that was against the law and where it happened. Other vital information included is the physical features of the offender, which includes the height, weight, skin complexion, birthmark and the likes. Fortunately, obtaining your own personal files is tolerated in Arizona so that you can go through your file to search for any errors. If there are, you can contact the office-in-charge so that the proper corrections can be done. If the court finds that there are no sufficient evidences to prove that you are guilty of what you have been charged with, the public will not be able to access your files at any time.

Police documents, by nature, are deemed as part of the public domain. However, only arresting officers and authorized employers have the right to view and retrieve the police documents of other people. Arresting officers can use the documents for an ongoing investigation while employers can use them to screen their current and future employees.

If you want to make a request for police records, you can head to the Department of Public Safety and secure a request form or you can download it from their official website. The form should be filled-out appropriately. A name-based search is not applicable at the Department, only a fingerprint-based search. You need to present a fingerprint card which you can get from a local police department. There is no fee for requesting your own records but there is a fee for obtaining the fingerprint card.

There are service providers that are authorized by the Department of Public Safety to provide such records. You can virtually search for the records anywhere with just a computer and a connection to the Internet. The first step is to look for a service provider – they are either free or fee-based. Then you have to conduct a background check to find out if a service provider is a credible source of information. You also need to be aware of the full name of the person whose records you want to obtain. Type that name unto the search box of the service provider, press enter, and wait for the results, which will be displayed in just a matter of seconds.

Local Police Records are initially filed at a local police department or at a sheriff’s office where a crime was committed. Once it is properly recorded, it is then forwarded to the Department of Public Safety and merged with other crime-related records to form a criminal record.

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