Arizona is one of the few states in the country that does not allow its residents to access the vital records of other people. This simply means that the people of Arizona can only request for their personal documents including the Arizona Public divorce records.

There are several reasons why the residents of Arizona request for a copy of a divorce certificate. Dealing with transactions in the government would require a copy of such document. This is true when dealing with request related to finances of an individual or a couple such as updating beneficiaries and dependents. Whenever a divorcee plans to marry again, he/she will be asked to provide a copy of the said document to proceed with the marriage application. Genealogy research is also one of the reasons for requesting such documents in Arizona. The information that can be found on the document is necessary when updating the family tree. It is not as important compared to other types of document like birth certificates; later generations may face problems and issues if the separation of a couple is not updated in a timely manner.

One would only know the basic details about the separation such as the place and the date when the couple was legally separated. The document is not valid without the names of the husband and the wife as well as the name of the prosecutor who took the petition. A public document only contains the basic details of the separation; additional details of the separation can only be accessed by the divorcees.

Details such as the reason for the separation are not indicated on the public file. One would not be able to find on a public document who petitioned for the separation. The agreements about the custody of the children and the division of the assets and their properties are also kept confidential. All of these were kept away from public access to protect the privacy of the involved individuals and to avoid any scrutiny and bias from other parties.

Since the state of Arizona is not an open state, this makes retrieval of a divorce record a little difficult than getting it in other states. The Vital Records Section of the Department of Health in Arizona does not issue copies of the divorce decree or certificate. One has to visit the county where the divorce was filed in order to request for the said document. Guidelines and procedures in requesting for the said document are not standardized. Just to be sure, one should have necessary information about the record being requested for the request to be processed. Processing fees would then depend on which county the request was made. The time that the document will be retrieved also depends on the county office but it usually takes 2 hours if there are no problems in the search. One can also request it by phone which can take at least 3 weeks before the document will be available.

Divorce decrees or records in the state of Arizona are one of the popular documents of the state. With this, the local government has used the Internet to integrate their system to an online database wherein all of the public documents, including divorce records, are being electronically stored. This development has, made the retrieval process easy and fast especially those who cannot personally get to an office because of a disability.

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