A county Clerk of Court is the office-in-charge of Divorce Records Arizona. If you want to retrieve a certain divorce file, you can get it at the Clerk of Court that finalized the divorce. You do not have to worry about legality issues because it is legal to retrieve files that are considered as public records. The state of Arizona does not have a main storage for divorce files even though it has an Office of Vital Records. But if you have no idea which county Clerk of Court has the files you need, you can ask for help from the Office of Vital records.

Divorce records are the only records that are acknowledged by the court as proof that a marriage is officially over. Before you consider marrying your special partner, check their marital status to avoid future problems. And if you are the one who got involved in a divorce and you intend to marry again, secure your own divorce record and present it to the court where you will apply for a marriage license.

Only the husband, wife, their legal representatives, and any other individual that has the consent of the court can access and view everything that is included on the files. If you are otherwise, you will be given limited access to the files, which includes the names of the husband and the wife and the date and location where the divorce was finalized. Pieces of information that are deemed as personal, like the terms and conditions of the case, are kept private.

To get the records, you have to place a formal request to the county Clerk of Court that has the records you need. You must be able to provide the full name of either of the couple. You can also include additional information that you know about the couple such as their address, date of birth, or occupation to make the search less time-consuming. If you cannot submit your request personally at the Clerk of Court, you can mail it. But that would mean that the return period will be much longer, usually taking two to three weeks. There are corresponding fees for getting the records and they vary depending on which county you are getting them from.

There are privately-owned sites that are involved in maintaining and accepting requests for divorce documents. There quite a number of such sites but there are only a few that are actually capable of giving genuine pieces of information. It is important that you check the credibility of a certain site prior to using the information that they supply.

There are search tools that will charge you for retrieving divorce files but there are also those that will offer you Free Divorce Records. You will be granted limited information but they will suffice in proving if a divorce is final or not. And if you are unaware which county to search, look for a search tool that gives you an option to search all the other states of the country.

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