If you are looking for the records of a Divorce in Arizona, you can head to the specific county Clerk of Court that made the divorce official. If you do not know the exact county, you may refer to the Vital Records Office and they will assist you in locating the county in-charge of the record you are looking for. Once you locate the exact county, you can file for a request there and you will receive the records in less than two hours. If you mail or fax your request, the return period will take about two to three weeks.

Divorce cases are recorded because they serve as proof that a marriage is officially over in the eyes of the court. If you are divorced and wish to marry again, you will be required to show your divorce record. If you fail to present one, you will not be granted a marriage license. And without a marriage license, a marriage will not be considered legal. It is also important to check if the person you are about to marry does not have a pending divorce case. It may cause some hard feelings if you do a background check on your special someone. You can avoid doing so by doing it discreetly since you do not need their permission to check their divorce records, if there are any.

If you want to place a request, you should at least have knowledge of the name of the owner of the document you want to get. It is also good if you can provide more details aside from the name so that the process will not be lengthy. Check the accuracy of the details you are providing so that the correct document will be given to you.

Once you get what you requested for, make sure that it includes a divorce certificate and a divorce decree. A divorce certificate contains the names of the ex-couple, their address, and the date and place where the divorce took place. A divorce decree contains pieces of information that are deemed as confidential child custody, child visitation arrangements, division of assets and liabilities, and others. It is not disclosed to anyone unless you are part of the couple, their respective lawyers, or you have an authorization from the court.

If you want to get the files from another source, there are certain websites that specialized in legally providing them to the public. There are two types of such website: a free website and a paid website. Whether you choose the former or the latter, you will be given at least the basic details of a divorce file. The details are alike what a divorce certificate contains.

If you are wondering if Are Divorce Records Public, then the answer is yes. The state is obliged to maintain the documents and provide them to any person who requests for them. Regardless of where the divorce was made final, it will be accepted as a legal document in all the other states in America. Bear in mind that it is prohibited by the law to use to documents to defame, blackmail, or embarrass others. There are corresponding penalties for those that do not follow the law.

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