It is not an easy task to preserve the safety of an area, especially if it has a population that is the biggest in the United States. In California, the population is just too big to completely eliminate crime. As a resort, the state gave the public the right to obtain Criminal Records CA. The documents bear details that are beneficial to the public so they are aware who to not associate themselves with.

All the documents of criminal offenders of all 58 counties of the state are forwarded to the state’s Department of Justice. Initially, the documents are not recorded at the Department of Justice, but at the local police departments and sheriff’s offices. You can place a request for your own documents but not for another person. If you want to obtain the documents of another person, you have to secure an authorization from the court. It is advisable to check if the details on your documents are factual and are current. However, if the documents are being used as a reference for a current investigation, they are not disclosed to the public.

You may secure a request form at the Department of Justice. All required fields on the form should be filled out appropriately before submitting it back to the department. A fingerprint scan and a $25 payment should be submitted together with the request form. A local police department and a sheriff’s office perform fingerprint live scans. There is a matching payment for a live scan and it varies where it was performed. The live scan produces a fingerprint card which will contain your name, sex, age, birthday, home address, and more. Payments are done by money order or a certified check.

There are different kinds of documents that comprise criminal documents. It includes sex offender documents, arrest documents, police reports, driving violations documents, and the likes. Each document contains vital pieces of information that are very useful, particularly if you do perform a background check on certain people. Despite having the freedom to access the criminal documents, the law still protects the right to privacy of offenders. It is prohibited to use the documents in such a way that would bring a negative effect to their lives, except, of course, if there is a need to do so like trying to prove someone guilty in a legal proceeding.

The Department of Justice maintains a database where they keep soft copies of criminal records. Meanwhile, there are also service providers that offer the records to the public. They are authorized by the court to provide the records so that people will have more options to choose from if they want to access the records. There are various service providers available on the Internet but before choosing one, research about their credibility first so you can be sure that you are given genuine information.

If you want to commence a search for Free Criminal Records, make sure that you are knowledgeable of the basic, but important details of the documents you want to obtain such as a name, home address, and the date of birth. Find more facts about the documents so that if the name of the person you are searching for is a common name, you can filter the search results, thus making your odds better of locating the specific documents you are looking for.

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