It is hard to maintain the peace and order of a state especially if it is the most populated state in America. Even though arresting officers are present in the streets of California, there is still no guarantee that the peace will remain undisturbed. Criminals are always plotting their modus and are always willing to break the law. That is why the state gave its citizens, access to Criminal Records CA. On the documents are a set of information that would be help the citizens determine which people to stay away from.

Because California is a big state, with 58 counties under its jurisdiction, it needed to establish a central repository for their criminal documents. The Department of Justice receives documents that are originally filed at local police departments and sheriff’s offices. You are only allowed to obtain your own criminal document for the purpose of looking for any false information included on the record so that it would be corrected. However, if there is a case currently being investigated at the time that you requested for the documents, you will not be given access to it.

A request sheet can be procured at the Department of Justice. Supply the required information on the sheet such as a name, an address, and the date of birth. Before sending the request sheet back to the department, you need to have your fingerprint scanned. There are various local police departments and sheriff’s office that execute a live scan. The product of a fingerprint scan is a fingerprint card and it contains your vital details such as your name, date you were born and your home address. You will be charged with $25 for every request you submit. Meanwhile, you will be charged with another fee for the live scan and the amount depends on where it was executed.

There are different kinds of documents that comprise criminal documents. It includes sex offender documents, arrest documents, police reports, driving violations documents, and the likes. Each document contains vital pieces of information that are very useful, particularly if you do perform a background check on certain people. Despite having the freedom to access the criminal documents, the law still protects the right to privacy of offenders. It is prohibited to use the documents in such a way that would bring a negative effect to their lives, except, of course, if there is a need to do so like trying to prove someone guilty in a legal proceeding.

Government agencies such as the Department of Justice maintain their own website and run their own database where they store the records. Privately-owned websites are also allowed to offer the documents to the public as long as proper procedures are observed. If you want to procure the documents from privately-owned websites, be vigilant in checking the track record of such websites so that you can assure yourself that you are being provided with reliable pieces of information.

Free Criminal Records are also available for the public’s perusal. A search can be started by providing a full name, a birth date and an address. If a full name is too common, add more details about the offender to increase the chances of finding the exact record.

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