The loss of a loved on is a terrible thing. In addition to dealing with the sadness of having them gone from your life you have the unenviable task of having to choose a memorial that best fits who they were as a person in life. For those who choose to life the biker lifestyle, the rituals of death are more complex and tradition filled than many other subcultures. For those who are planning a biker funeral there are a lot of special considerations to take into mind. For one of those, the use of a motorcycle hearse Portland offers options.

There are a great deal of traditions in the biker world regarding the loss of a rider. While most outsiders may not understand these needs they are vital to that community. For example if the biker in question is a member of what is known as a one percenter club there may be special provisions on the arrangements for their funeral. Universal biker death traditions are expected to be carried out as well.

One tradition that is universal to all bikers is the placing of the riding boots between the feet of the biker right before the casket is closed. They should also be filled with small amounts of dirt as s symbol of “long-journeys coming to an end”. This is often done by the club member or family member closest to the biker in life.

The closest riding buddies or the club officers will serve as pal bearers for the departed. The closest friend will also serve as rider for the motorcycle hearse on its journey to the cemetery. This is symbolic of one last ride together as brothers in this world.

The strangest thing about most biker funerals is the joyous atmosphere that seems to exist right below the obvious layer of grief. Bikers celebrate the life of the one that has passed. Often services are filled with drinking, singing and telling of jokes and good stories about the departed. They do this as they feel that the lost brother has made it to a “road that is always perfect to ride”

Biker funerals are also events that tend to go one for extended periods of time. It is not uncommon for the events to take place over several days, most times a long weekend. They may include long silent rides in memory of the departed and other events.

It is not uncommon for bikers to be buried in full gear with their club vest or riding vest draped over the casket in the manner a flag would be for a veteran. The biker motorcycle may be present in the service draped in black cloth as well. In many cases the keys are one of the last tings to be placed in the casket before it is closed and sealed.

For those planning a biker funeral there are a lot of things that need to be taken into account that are not common with regular funerals. Using the services of a motorcycle hearse Portland can make organizing a biker funeral easier. This is a hard time to deal with, but it will pass and the important thing is to remember the good times.

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