Cash Flow Money Online Review – Is it a scam?

At Home Money Solution is among the growing number of money-making websites. It promotes its Automated Home Income Kit that promises its users to earn as much as $257/day by working online through their basic typing skill.

Signing up is free but in order to activate your account, you are required to pay $1.95. This activation fee is valid for only 3 days. If you don’t cancel your membership within 3 days, you’ll be billed $74.93 on the 4th day and every 30 days thereafter. At Home Money Solution claims that this amount is for site maintenance.

About the At Home Money Solution Terms and conditions

The offer of At Home Money Solution may appear to be a great deal but it has a lot of loopholes: one, the promise of earning $257/day sounds too good to be true. Also, the site didn’t specify the kind of business that they have.

The fact that the box that says you agree to the Terms and Condition of the site is prechecked is something that will make you doubt on the program. They also don’t have clickable links even for the security ones.

Final thoughts on

The economy is not doing good right now. The number of unemployed is one of the highest in history. While working at home offers a temporary solution, this doesn’t mean that you simply just have to believe with everything money-making websites are saying.

At Home Money Solution promises a great offer but with its unclickable links, prechecked agreement to the Terms and Condition, and lack of security features make it more like a scam.

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