Have you asked yourself what is the work of criminal defense attorneys? Their responsibility is to defend the public, organizations, individuals and also the entities charged with a certain crime.

These kind of lawyers, also handle the spectrum of criminals cases which are diverse in nature. These range from crimes such as domestic violence, crimes related to sex, crimes which are violent, drug crimes, DUI, theft crimes, fraud and embezzlement.

Some people who are charged with such crimes will hire an attorney privately, while others who can not afford the services of a criminal attorney will be appointed one by the courts. In this case, these lawyers are often referred to as public defenders.

To be a criminal defense attorney one simply must pass the bar exam and hold a valid and up-to-date license in the state where they wish to practice in. A typical defense attorney will represent and fight for any client who is facing any criminal charges from a state or federal level.

Their main practice includes the following: hearings of bail bonds, the plea bargains, hearings of revocation, trials, remedies of post-conviction and also the appeals. In addition to the work of a criminal defense attorney, he or she will also:

– Do their own investigation of the case and interview witnesses

– Help in researching the case law, codes of crimes, statutes and law which are procedural.

– Help in building a defense and developing the strategy of the cases.

– If necessary, work with the prosecution to establish a plea bargain to get the client less of a sentence

– If there is a need to try to get testimony or evidence dismissed, preparing those motions

– Acts as an advocate at the trial for the defendant.

– Filing and arguing any appeals that will be made

In closing, having a criminal defense attorney is very important if a person stands accused of a crime. In these cases, having a criminal defense attorney can mean the difference between freedom and jail time.

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