When choosing a garage to get your MOT or car service in Torquay and the Torbay area, you want one that takes most makes and models of car, and they need to be fully equipped with expert facilities. You want the work to be of high quality so that you can be assured that your vehicle is most definitely in good condition and safe.

One of the primary concerns when having your vehicle serviced or MOT certified is that the centre carrying out the work is trustworthy with fully qualified staff. Your vehicle being safe is of the utmost importance, so you need to be sure that the work will be done according to safety regulations. Being without your vehicle can be very inconvenient, so a quick booking and turnaround system will ensure less disruption to your life.

What To Expect From An MOT in Torquay

Your vehicle, if over three years old, is required by law to have an annual MOT. There are many parts of the vehicle that require checking, repairing or refilling in order for them to pass various safety rules. These include: ID and registration, wheels, tyres, brakes, fuel and exhaust systems, emissions, structure, doors and mirrors, steering and suspension, condition and colour of all lights, wipers, washers and windscreen condition, that the horn is the correct type and working, seat belts are working and the seats.

What Is Involved In A Car Service In Torquay

Your vehicle should be serviced every six months. Whereas the MOT is the safety test, the service is to ensure your car runs efficiently for longer, along with general maintenance. A car service involves checking for any damage or parts that need replacing, checking the oil which may need topping up or changing and checking the oil filter. A service is the equivalent of a health check, with the moving parts being like organs and the oil being like the lifeblood of the vehicle.

Further checks should include the air filter and spark plugs which may need cleaning or replacing. The wheels may need aligning and balancing to reduce the uneven wear and tear on the tyres and stop any steering problems that can result. The tyre pressure should be checked, as should the seat belts and the vehicle’s lights.

By looking after your car with regular services, not only will it be safer and last longer, you should also get a better price for it when you sell it.

A reputable and decent garage or MOT centre will have the right equipment for carrying out repairs to your vehicle, part sales and general maintenance as well as MOTs and car servicing.

To find out more about a reliable MOT Centre for car servicing and MOTs in Torquay , see the Newton Road MOT Centre website. Testimonials regarding their MOTs and car servicing in torquay can be found on their site also.