Every website needs a good web hosting company. Choosing a professional web hosting company can lead to better SEO rankings and increased sales.

Here are the top ten things to consider before selecting a WordPress hosting company:

[I:http://advertising-blog.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/ChanLee10.png]1. One click WordPress installer – Many hosts give customers the option to setup WordPress with just one click. As you can imagine, this feature is a real time-saver. However in certain cases the version of WordPress supported by the installer is outdated which means you will have to update it after installation. You can read more about this on this website.

2. Support services – It is very common to come across challenges while managing a website. Every once in a while you might need the help of your hosting provider. Therefore you should assess the reliability and availability of a company’s customer care department before signing up.

3. Hidden costs – Many web hosting companies use unclear language to attract more clients. Some even claim to offer some free services only to entice a handful of extra individuals. You should do comprehensive analysis regarding the fee structure of a company before signing up.

4. Security – It is highly recommended that you go for a wordpress hosting company that will be there round the clock to monitor your site for potential security threats and repair any problems that may arise from time to time. It is also very important to check if the web hosting company regularly updates their security systems so that your site can stay safe from viruses, spam, and hackers.

5. Hosting company history – Do thorough research to make certain that the provider you are about to select has a good track record. There are several companies out there who only want to make a quick buck. You should check with the better business bureau for information regarding trustworthiness and client satisfaction.

6. Specification – Before signing up you should check all the characteristics of the web hosting company in question, including the technical aspects. Look at the disk space, bandwidth, hardware quality and the number of websites already hosted on the server. The more server resources your website has, the better it will perform.

7. Uptime – Your WordPress website should not be offline for more than 1-2 % of the year. If this happens your blog might not be able to rise in engines like Google. Good websites have an uptime percentage of 98% or more.

8. Availability of add-ons (other special features) – This is the feature that distinguishes one web host from another. Pick a firm that provides beneficial add-ons to clients.

9. Location of data centers – This is a very important aspect yet a lot of people fail to realize its significance. The physical distance between your site’s servers and your visitors can make a huge difference in terms of loading speed. If the distance is small, your site will load quickly otherwise it might take ages to load. So you should choose a company that has data centers closer to your potential clients.

10. Hardware – You might not really have time to check this, but you should. Make certain that your web host has high end machines that can support traffic surges and keep your website fast and responsive in the upcoming years!

For more info about wordpress blogs view the WordPress.org.