Workplace bullying is a social verbal, physical and non verbal abuse from an employer or another person in the working environment. It can happen in any type of organization including of organization including offices shops, restaurants and government organization. It can happen to all types of employees including volunteers, student interns and permanent employees. Some of the workplace tormenting may be criminal offenses and are addressed in court of law.

False accusation is one of the tactics that is commonly used by people. Most of the workers tend to accuse others on things that they have not done. They report errors that have not occurred just to bring people down. Another behavior is intimidating others non-verbally. This is whereby people do not involve you in any activities that take place in an organization. You can see it by yourself no one tells you that you are unwanted.

Attacks on people personal life by ridiculing and gossiping them. It can also be in form of physical violence. This type of unethical behavior is caused by different thing between and among people in a working environment. One of the major causes of bullying is misunderstanding between people. This is usually associated with rivalry.

People that want managerial seats in an organization may tend to hate each other, this leads to doing anything that will bring down your rival. People do a lot of things that can humiliate their core workers. Another cause of this type of behavior is dictatorship. Managers that feel that they own the organization tend to dictate all activities.

Corporate restructuring is another cause of organizational tormenting. The structure of an organization can contribute much to animosity among workers. This is associated with angers resulting from demotions and promotions in an organization. The status of employees in an organization can also lead to inappropriate behaviors in the organization.

There are organizations that discriminate people against color, gender and religion among others. Other factors that contribute to bullying are relationships between employees. Workers that have strong relationships may be envied by those that do not have close ties. Changes in the organizational levels may also contribute to a decline in morale of employees.

This is an aggressive behavior that affects employees. People that are tormented spend most of their time in offices than they do with their families may also cause traumatic and stress disorders in employees. Other problems caused by workplace bullying are depression, financial problems caused by absences and medication cost among others. People that are commonly affected by this type of behavior are single mothers. This is because of increased responsibilities.

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