More cars on the road mean that there is rising demand for tires. For that reason, you have your choice of tires and tire manufactures.

Many of the tire manufactures started about the time the automobile become a public fixture. After saying this, it is worth noting that many tire manufacturers came through this period when cars were being manufactured and being sold. Falken tires came a bit late in this industry. 1983 was a time Sumitomo Rubber Industries started making a scene in Japan. It launched Falken Tire as its flagship radial brand under Ohtsu Tire and Rubber. High performance tires were the company’s main focus at first and used the motorsports platform as its selling point. Falken has been developing quality tires for many vehicles over a long period of time.

Falken Tire Corporation is located in Fontana California. The company’s North American operations are also located here. There are also distribution centers located in and around New Jersey, Texas, Tennessee and Florida. You can become a Falken tire dealer if you live in and around these areas. What do you have to do?

Falken will make you feel welcome in the world of dealing tires at the best possible standards of sales.. You will be selling one of the top names in the tire industry. You can be sure that you are selling high quality and durable tires. These traits owe their perfection from Falcons UHP (ultra high performance experience). Selling Falken products can give you pride in the quality that you are providing.

You should find a suitable business name and register it at the county office. You will fill out a “doing business as” application.

You will then be required to apply for a tax identification number.You can get that at your local tax office. They can also help with your application here.

Otherwise, you can visit the falken tire website and filling out an application form.After you fill out the form, they want you to wait for five to seven business days for a response. You can also make contact to them using their address at 8656 Haven Ave., Rancho Cucamonga, California. On top of that, you can email Mr. McAndrew using jmcandew at You will want to sell yourself and your business desires, by highlighting your business experience, and how your marketing will add value to Falken Tire.

Dealing tires for falken is very profitable and rewarding. If you can sell yourself, sell your business experience, and demonstrate to the company that you can add value, you can become one of many Falken Tire dealers and enjoy a quality product that has been prove over the years in their experience in the high performance area.

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