Any kind of accident that causes personal injury may be subject to compensation. If an automobile accident injures you, the other driver may be liable. An insurance agent may approach you asking you to sign a release. First, you should talk to a Rhode Island personal injury lawyer.

There are two ways in which an attorney can help you receive compensation. First, he can negotiate a settlement with the insurance company. Second, he can sue them in court.

Automobile accidents lead the list of the most frequent events that are the cause. Assault claims, work accidents and harm caused by product use are on the list. Injuries resulting from a medical procedure also lead to liability suits.

Diseases caused by exposure to asbestos have led to many class action suits. This lawsuit is one in which a group of injured individuals sue a company together. Many families have lost a loved one who worked in mines or on jobs where asbestos was present.

If a company was aware of the danger and neglected to warn people, they are liable for illnesses. It is possible they could be liable without prior knowledge. A lawyer can sort out the legalities and determine liability.

A lawyer will consult with a potential client free of charge to determine liability. If you are found to deserve compensation for your pain and suffering, he or she can initiate a lawsuit to collect what you are entitled to.

There is no fee to pay unless you win the case. The lawyer works on a contingency basis. His or her earnings are contingent on you winning the case. When you win, his fee is deducted from the settlement or judgment, usually in the amount of thirty-three percent.

Thus, your Rhode Island personal injury lawyer uses his experience to determine whether your personal injury case has merit. If your circumstances are not sufficient to win a settlement or judgment, he will simply decline the opportunity to take your case.

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