Do you ever have those experiences that, in the moment, feel incredibly stressful and overwhelming? This story was one of those moments for me. I can laugh about it now, only a few days later, but in the moment it was almost the final nick in the fragile dam that was holding my emotional well-being together.

Candles would be properly blown out before going to bed at night. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world, and we often forget to take care of one small detail. The resulting fire damage is enough to change our lives forever. Accidents happen and there will always be a need to put these flames out.

Fortunately, homes can be restored or rebuilt with the right general contractor and damaged items can be replaced. Unfortunately, the lives of the people in your home are not restorable or replaceable.

So although you can’t always protect your family by keeping the heater working right, or remembering to blow out the candle every night, you can do at least one thing to ensure the safety of your family, you can maintain your fire alarm and sprinkler system.

Continuing their campaign to create a fire-safe America, the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) released materials regarding the proper maintenance of your fire alarms and sprinklers.

The USFA believes strongly that the routine maintenance of your fire alarm could protect more lives than just those of those in the home, and reducing fatalities from fire damage is the USFA’s number one goal.

I hurried to grab shoes, the diaper bag, my computer, and snacks for the children. I went into the room where they were playing and took each of them by the hand and walked out of the house suddenly feeling like a homeless bag-lady with two small kids. The neighbor generously offered to let us come to her home while we waited for the response team to show up.

You are much more likely to hear the alarm if it’s blaring in your ear, not when it quietly enters your dreams from down the hall. Test these alarms monthly. They also recommend installing ionization and photoelectric smoke alarms (or dual sensor smoke alarms).

Alarms that you know are working save lives. They give you proper warning. In contrast, two or three alarms you assume work that are scattered around the house endanger them.

If there was one thing you did to fight fires at home, it should at least be the proper maintenance of your smoke alarms (and sprinkler systems if you have them).

General contractors in Salt Lake City are required to have some sort of Fire Alarm installed in every building that they construct. This is according to the laws and regulations that are inspected by a registered fire Marshall who comes and inspects every building that finishes construction.

Many general contractors try and work their way around the tight regulations but these laws are strict and there have been many law suits in the past because people tried to bypass them. Safety should be everyone’s #1 goal.

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